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Link G3 internal MAP sensor broken?

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I've been on-road tuning my fuel maps, got them all very close, then all of the mixtures seemed to go way out again.  Turns out that over the course of a week or so my MAP sensor has gone bung -- Key on engine off I'm showing good BAP values of around 100kPa but MAP value is about 15kPa higher than it should be (and of course it's also reading about 15kPa higher than it should right across the vacuum/boost range).  <picture attached>

Of course I can't fix it with a recalibration when it's so far out.  My Link G3 has an internal MAP sensor, I've pulled its vacuum hose from the manifold and had it open to the atmosphere and it reads about +14kPa.  I've blown into and sucked from the vacuum line and the MAP reading changes as expected but settles back at about +14kPa.  I've confirmed that my MAP Sensor Type is unchanged at "Link 7 Bar".  

Other than re-tuning everything at bogus "real map +14kPa" values and resetting all limits etc. to compensate for the extra 14kPa, what can I do now?


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Just to update- with the new MPX5700AP in place, the MAP readings are now correct.

Looking back over logs I can see that the original sensor had drifted to +10 a couple of months earlier, and had reached +16 by the time I replaced it last week.
Thanks once again.

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