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PCLink Released

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Hi guys, so I've just put up a new release of PCLink and the firmware. Thanks for your patience with this one

You can grab it from here: http://www.linkecu.com/software-support/pc-link-downloads/

PCLink version 5.x.x.3229 (DLL Rev 3189) - 03-10-16

New Features

  • Basemap Backup - See Firmware Updater - Basemap Backup for details.
  • Shift + clicking on view close icon closes the view without prompting the user - useful for quickly closing many views.
  • Save Trigger Scope as log file.


  • Improvements to CAN Setup form.
  • Improvements to Parameter Selection - will now search based on filter selection, table axis selection is now restricted to parameters available to the ECU.
  • When changing a value using a math function, the input is not tested against the bounds of the item it is changing. Note that if the value goes outside of the bounds, it will be set the to the relevant maximum or minimum.


  • Users can now select more than 25 parameters when adding them to the ECU Logging list.
  • Pasting cells on to a table will always paste from the top left hand corner of the selection.
  • Allocated tables now zero axis as well as table values when prompted.
  • Traction Control tables now update which table is active correctly.
  • G4 basemaps are now able to be upgraded to G4+ by loading them into a G4+ ECU again.
  • Improved performance of CAN Devices form with respect to programming CAN-Lambda Modules on slower computers. 

Firmware Version - 20-10-16

New Features

  • Support for Monsoon ECU.


  • Knock and individual cylinder ignition trims did not always operate as expected.

NOTE: Critical update for 5.6.0 – 5.6.3 firmware.

Firmware Version - 30-09-16

New Features

  • GP Timer can now be reset on a input transition.
  • Gearshift engine cut can now be selected as ignition or fuel.


  • Idle Ignition Table is now interpolated in 0.1 degree steps.
  • Recalibration for ECU temperature below -10 degrees C.
  • RPM and MAP Limits Ignition Trim range is increased to -20 degrees.
  • Add Toggle switch mode to Traction Control Disable Switch.


  • Corrected modelled fuel equation when BAP is used as load.  WARNING:  If previously tuned using BAP as load, a retune will be required.
  • When using  Group/Staged injection mode with modelled fuel equation the secondary injectors gave 0.2ms pulse when locked-out.
  • Boost Wastegate Duty Trim Table was being corrupted on  Link G4+ Force GDI ECUs.
  • Wasted Spark ignition now works on Ford BA XR6 trigger mode.
  • Half sync starting now drives all ignition outputs on Ford BA XR6 trigger mode.
  • Speedo Out now works on Aux 17 - 20.
  • Lock Timing switch now works on DI9 & DI10.
  • Fuel cuts now work if injector duty cycle is 100%.
  • DI5 status is now updated is set to Traction Disable.
  • Lambda Average now includes inputs from CAN-Lambda.
  • Microtech Dash CAN stream now outputs oil and fuel pressure correctly.

As always, here's how to update your firmware the best way:

If you have any questions or issues please post them in this thread. 

Edited by EngineeringDave

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Been having issues with running some cars when introducing Modeled fuel equation in traditional the Lambda average is not correct and the car will not start at all. Works when in modeled multi blend. Any one else see this?

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Hi Rich, the previous firmware versions have had some issues with Lambda Average not reading correctly, however I'm not aware of any problems in the new release. If you come across the problem again can you save the 'Modelled' base-map and send to us with a PCLog of the problem occurring? Can you then switch to 'Modelled Multi-Fuel', save the base-map, record another PCLog (of it working) and send all four files to us?



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