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Knock sensor & oil pressure sensor wiring

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Hi im looking for advise on where to wire a Bosch 2 wire knock sensor and a 3 pin Titan Motorsport oil pressure sensor

Bosch Knock sensor will completely replace the  factory single pin sensors and the 2jz has no oil sensor as such, just the stock switch so using the stock wiring is no good for either

I have a G4+ SupraLink plug in fitted, 2jz non vvti and i have an XS expansion loom ready to go in

Im just looking to complete the install to save having to pay my mapper to do any wiring

Here is the loom i have and i think ive identified the correct wire colours, just unsure which to use for the above sensors


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The knock sensor will require connection to:

  • 'Sensor Ground' . You could use the GND pin from the expansion connector, or pin B65 or pin B28.
  • 'Knock 1'. You need to use pin B50.


The oil pressure sensor will require connection to:

  • +5V
  • Sensor Ground
  • An Volt 7 or An Volt 6.

These are all available on the expansion connector.


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