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wirirng left over

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I wired my ecu when it initially had the vipec v88 now Im onto the fury using the same wiring . I was re doing some wires to connect temp and volt sensors when I have discovered to wires that where never connected to anything.


1st one is A7 shield ground 

2nd B22 Ground Out 


from some digging shiled ground is grounded to chassis close to ecu ?

any clarification is appreciated 

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Both of these connections are duplicated on the other plug so you probably have their "mates" connected and you can ignore these unconnected pins.  If you are not going to use these I would extract these pins/wires from the ecu plug so they dont act as antennas.

"Shield ground" would be connected to the screen/shield inside trigger (& sometimes knock sensor) wiring. 

"Ground out" is the sensor ground.   This would be used as the ground reference for any analog inputs.

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Cheers Adam I was installing the VEMS divider you suggested to me and needed a ground wire for the sensor so I used that one after figuring out that theres a duplicate on the other one.

it seems my shield ground is not connected to anything on the other one also .


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