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Traction disable by virtual aux

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Potentially looking at traction control and having the second axis on a 3D slip table as rotary switch position (0-5V) to give differing modes.

It raises two potential requests:

1. Could the list in Virtual Auxiliaries have "Traction Disable" added (eg could be triggered by volts below a threshold representing position 1 on a rotary switch on an AN Volt input)

2. More a query as I haven't tried it, but could the 2nd slip table be offered as a choice of dual or overlay (like the main fuel / ignition tables). I can see value in having the slip target with an extra dimension. I probably see it as a % of the main table rather than a +/- of slip %, but you guys are the engineers who would know what would be a better idea.

Thanks for considering.

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Currently the 2 traction tables can not be overlaid. I will ask the engineers to consider adding this functionality. I will also ask about the possibility of using a virtual aux as a disable switch with user costomisable conditions.


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