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Knock Sensors Hookup Wire,Location,Performance?

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Hi there.

There are 2 types of knock sensors as far as i know in the automotive industry.The Bosch style(2 wires?) or also called donut style which is wideband and the others(1 wire?) that many early Japanese cars have like my Mazda MX5 1999 model,narrowband.I have seen it on Honda's and Mitsubishi engines.

I will try to keep the factory knock sensor but i would like to add one more,Bosch type somewhere near the deck surface.


The problem that i am ''facing'' is if i have to use some type of special wire?

Shielded or not what you guys use when you extend the wire or add one sensor in an engine that hasn't got one from the beggining?

If someone has experience from back to back testing on these type of knock sensors please chime in.

How do these 2 compare,which is more user friendly(via the i88 platform) in terms of tuning and getting the job done right?

I know that the outcome has to do with the users capabilities and experience but if all equal what more experience tunners use?

If there isn't any room left in wiring near the deck surface other acceptable location that provide accurate readings?

Thanks in advance!


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The cable to a knock sensor should be standard automotive cable that is shielded. If you have a 2 pin knock sensor the shielded cable should contain two wires.

The narrowband sensor fitted to the engine from the factory is selected to match the expected frequency that knock will occur at in the engine. Engine modifications can shift the frequency that knock will occur at, especially modifications that change the bore of the cylinder. For this reason it is often better to use a wideband (donut) type knock sensor, and then use the ECUs selectable frequency filters.

In terms of setting up knock control, apart from selecting the frequency filter the process is the same for a narrowband or wideband type sensor. So I wouldn't say one is more user friendly than the other.

Here is some guidance on knock sensor location from the G4 KnockBlock manual:



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Any suggestions of what part Number knock sensor should I use?

I assume a Bosch  but there are so many outhere? According to my calculations my knock frequency its about 7.2khz.


Probably they are all the same but I see a lot of variations on pricing. 


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