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Link Plus G2 off a 3SGTE

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I am hoping you can help I have got a Link Plus G2 that came out of a MR2 it has a little white sticker with Link 3SGTE and 091205 on it and also a Red round sticker with the number 3398 on it. My plan is to use it on a Datsun 1200, A15

What I am after is a wiring diagram or Pinout dose anyone have a copy or are they the same as what is in the manual?

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No the 3SGTE uses a 24 tooth reluctor sensor with a single tooth reluctor for the sync.

The Nissan unit is a 360 slot optical sensor and requires a different sub-board in the ECU.

We do have Nissan sub-boards still should you wish to have the ECU changed over.

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