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Ignition Timing Table Suabru

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Hi there I have 96 JDM 2L Subaru engine that I am trying to tune. Was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with my ignition map.  I’ve tuned cars before but I don’t feel comfortable playing with the ignition map on this car cause I don’t have a knock sensor.


So I was wondering if anyone with a similar setup as me could help setup a slightly conservative ignition map for my setup.




I have a GTX 3582 turbo on a EJ20 with 850 cc injectors.  My fuel table is pretty good I just need help with the ignition table.  I’m willing to pay for someones time as well just let me know.  Attached is a image of what I am running now.





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Hi there bud

You would need some det cans or electronic knock sensors to get the correct knock level for your motor. However, from what I can see, you seem to have WAY too much timing

The safest thing for you to do right now is the following:

1.) Check on what RPM range your BOOST comes in.

2.) If your boost comes in at 4500 rpm and you are running lets say 1 bar boost, you need to take timing of 8-10 degrees away from there all the way to redline and max boost

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