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Toyota 4efte dizzy

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Have wired a g3 Lem to a 4efte starlet 

With the factory dizzy   which has g-  g2 g1 and ne pins      and have wired as per diagram in the g4 manual for toyota 24 tooth trigger


So I'd assume it's a toyota 24 crank 1 cam  pickup  

In the setting have set trig one to 24 teeth   cam position and reluctor etc etc


Trig 2 is set to  reductor     sync is 1x cam pulse  it starts and runs now on all cylinders for about 4 seconds  with only   trigger error on cranking


Question is    looking at the pickup for the cam sensor   it's not actually just a tooth     it starts as small raise then slowly tapers inward until it fills the void where the cam sensor is then steps to a tooth   approx 1mm total  then drops back to the small section again    after 1 full rotation     

Is this a suitable pickup for the cam ? and are my settings correct?   I have the default arming voltages for the 4age engine in the setting aswell so they should be okay? 


The pickup looks the same as this picture  although the body of dizzy is different




images (2).jpg

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Yep what you have is spot on. Only variance might be the arming voltages needing adjusting.
To check these you would need a Scope to measure the signals and then adjust the arming voltages to 50-70% of peak voltage.


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