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3 cylinder daihatsu EJ-VE 1000cc

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That wheel looks to have 3 evenly spaced teeth (120deg apart) and an extra 4th tooth.

Unfortunately this is not a supported trigger pattern.

Best option would be to make a replacement trigger disk with say 12-1 teeth (12 evenly spaced teeth with one removed leaving 11 teeth and a gap)






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I'm assuming that wheel fits the crank? It looks very much like a Subaru crank wheel but this would require a matching pattern on the cam to give a matched pair to the Subaru.

You want a very basic pattern such as 12 missing 1, 24-1 or similar.


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If engine speed is not correct then its not working.

The issue with patterns above is they require a custom code in the firmware to make them work. We have one that matches the crank but it requires the other half from a cam sensor to decode.

So that is matches what is used on the Subaru.

We want a wheel that has evenly spaced teeth with 1 or 2 missing in a single location. Not multiple teeth missing in different spots. 

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