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Powering and connecting to Link G4 xtreme red

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I'm reading through the manual and I'm unsure if i need to power the +14 on the b connector.

As the ecu was given to me I don't know what firmware its got to select the correct pc link software  [ Board Rev 1.2 Serial #15929 ]

Also when i connect it to the computer its unrecognised by the computer and doesn't try to install drives like the manual says.

Can not update firmware as the program can't find the ecu

I don't know any history on it and don't even know if its working

Any help would be great, i just want to see if its working


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Can you see the ECU in Windows Device manager at all?

It is a G4 unit so you will need 4.10.2 to connect to the unit.

To check for PC coms you will only need one ground and the 14V on the A plug connected.

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Hi Mickey,

That would normally indicate a driver issue.  Attached is some more recent drivers than what comes with the old G4 software. Can you save this zip folder somewhere easy like on your desktop, un-zip it then double click double click on the correct .exe file inside that folder to install.  

If you have 64bit version of windows then the correct .exe to click is : Link USB Driver Install_x64.exe

If you have 32bit windows then the correct .exe is: Link USB Driver Install_x86.exe 


Link USB Drivers.zip

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Hi Adam, 

Ive tried the drivers you suggested and the ecu now isnt even coming up in device manager.

The usb cable I have isnt the oringnal one, possibly pinned out wrong? Could this cause damage to the ECU?
To confirm the pinout of the connector on the ECU


Pin 1            Not Used
Pin 2            Not Used
Pin 3            Data +
Pin 4            Data - 
Pin 5            VCC +5V      
Pin 6            Ground

As stated in the figure, looking into the connector on the ECU.

Thank you for your help

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Ok, I just probed my tuning cable, that pinout above is wrong.  Here's what I get:

Pin 1 = USB GND

Pin 2 = N/C

Pin 3 = D+

Pin 4 = D-

Pin 5 = VCC

Pin 6 = Shield (the metal case on the USB plug)


Also be careful where you get your pinout from as I noticed when looking up the USB pinout on google many images have the D-/D+ swapped over.  My numbering above is based on the pinout below that I have marked "correct". 





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