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PCLink Theme Customisation

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Hi All,

I am planning on using PCLink as a HUD of sorts. On this basis, I was wondering if there was any facility to do the following in any way:

1. Set an image as the background for a page 

2. Configure elements to be transparent (so it would just be the data and no background in the actual view element)

I am sure you get where I am going with this... Any possibility? Dont mind editing the XML directly if you guys have a call for an image rather than a color. 

If this is NOT possible - is there some way of live exporting data to CSV? Thinking of creating something custom and just pulling data off the CSV as an alternative. 

Keen for any ideas or comments if anyone else has set up this kind of thing!


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Sorry we dont currently have facilities for any of the visual customisation you are looking for.

So you are probably going to have to think more about the "export live data" option...

The closest I can think of is PC Link has a "Dyno Comms" function which generates a serial stream to send out to a dyno.  You could set up a "virtual" comport (like com0com) to read this data into your app/software.  This is a fixed set of parameters however.  See screenshot below.

Otherwise you could possibly use one of the streams direct from the ECU - CAN, serial or OBDII.



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Thanks Adamw. Slight shame there is not a tiny bit more customization. I shall drop it into the wishlist! 

Feeding data out through CAN would probably be the next best option and there is a fair bit of work there to implement. If I get really impatient I will look at putting together the required hardware and interfaces as it would definitely be a great option for a fully custom HUD. Appreciate the idea.

I dont like the update speeds of OBD tools either so I think I may just leave it looking "raw" until the programmers find the time to put it in. The programmer in me says it shouldn't actually require much to implement but thats definitely looking at it from the outside and I am sure there are far more important things they need to implement. I know it wont be on top of any priority lists but I can remain optimistic. :)


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