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M50B20 wiring to link g4+ storm

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Greetings all,

I am currently wiring a 6 cylinder m50b20 with 153624 firing order, to a link G4+ storm "blue one" what would be the best wiring for ignition, injection?

what is did is 153 to inj port 1 and 624 to inj port 2 and did put 2 ignitors to every three coils.

setup multiport with 1-2 INJ ports and 1/2 injection cycle.

Is there anything better to do ? shall I used coils with built in ignitors? 

Recommendations highly appreciated

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In that case you are correct for the injection wiring.

The coils will need an igniter channel per coil and you will pair the input to the igniters to suit the firing order.

I would run the injection rate at 1 / cycle.



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