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Bosch 3.5Bar TMap - Location in plenum

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I am planning to use one of the Bosch 3.5Bar Map sensors that also reads the IAT (link below) on my Toyota 1jz.  Right now I am building a large plenum intake manifold and Im wondering what the optimal placement for this sensor would be.

Just after the throttle body, mid plenum, inline with one of the runners, etc.


Here is a photo of the lower intake manifold and a shot showing the throttle body location and a scrap piece of pipe to give a general idea of my plenum shape.







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I would say just after the throttle, but there will be much more experienced tuners out there that might jump on and advise.

Avoid having it at a low point as this can allow fluid to collect in the sensor / hose.

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just following up: I bought the 3bar version of the bosch TMap and I have a question about the calibration...


I bought it from Ballenger Motorsports and they have the data sheet: https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/products_id/1721

Can I use the MoTeC Calibration? http://www.motec.com/filedownload.php/?docid=5134


Does this temperature or pressure fit into any of the LINK defined calibrations?  Im not entirely sure how to read the sensor data on the Ballenger website.



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