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Bosch EV14 550cc settings

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In my current setup i have Bosch EV14 550cc injectors (0 280 158 117) and i've had some trouble with setup.  

Dead times according Ford Racing are 14V 0.538 12V 0.846 Flow rate according same source is 490cc/3bar/80% Duty cycle.   Static flow rate is said to be 532cc/min



I also found different information. One of the tables gave following information with same 3bar

8V 2.7 10V 1.54 12V 1.12 14V 0.7316V 0.523

Then i found test sheet which gave me following number which are now in use.  They were from actual lab test.

8V 2.184 - 10V 1.435 -11V 1.210 - 12V 1.041 - 13V 0.907 - 14V 0.789 - 15V 0.699

According to a friend who has done a lot of tuning and research with these things my settings are still maybe 0.1 too small between 12-14V .  Still none of these are not even close to numbers which ford has given.  

My problem has been Ve-table which has too big numbers.  (80-135).  i Tried to add 0.1 in dead times but that brought back hot start lean problems.  Then i changed number back.  Then i tried 3bar/490/80% duty cycle flow rate and now VE table scaled down quite nicely. From 60 to 103. When you setup injector size in fuel injector setup is it supposed to be static flow rate or max flow rate with predetermined duty cycle?  Does somebody have more accurate information or should i stick with my numbers?

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Hi mate.

Just been researching this myself into this too and have found what you did. Attached below are (1) was Bosch Ev14 injector migration on the NefMoto forum and the (2) image is from the ford racing test sheet however they tested this at 39.15 psi.  

Please may I ask what injector latency you used for your car in the end?

This link here https://www.fiveomotorsport.com/bosch-ev14-0280158117 is this correct??



Cheers, James










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I would use the Ford racing data since it has the correct part number on it.  Note you can correct the deadtime data for different pressures by multiplying FNPW_OFFSET with the "FNPW_OFFCOMP".  So if we want deadtime at 14V & 50psi for instance it is 0.789 x 1.0240 = 0.950ms

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