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Closed loop boost during FFS

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I have closed loop boost control setup, which works perfectly, until I use Flat Foot Shifting.  During a FFS gear change, the P and I terms of the control system become 'active' and attempt to correct the drop in boost.

As I see it, I have two options:

1. Somehow disable the P and I terms during gear change, or

2. Maintain target boost during gear change.

Please could I have some guidance?


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My thoughts are a variation on your suggestion #2...  Maintaining the target when there is an external influence (gear change) is likely impossible, so I would instead vary the target so it better matches what can actually be achieved in real life.

To do this I would try something like turning on a 2nd boost table, assign the clutch switch or gear shift status to one axis, then set up the table so that 20Kpa or whatever is removed from the boost target whenever the clutch switch/flat shift is active.  I think that will minimise the closed loop effects and flatten the spikes out of P & I.

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