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G4+ base map is Traditional - what VE numbers if modelled?

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Hi everyone...

yet another question.

Im building my base map now for a 1jz VVTi off of a few different base maps and maps from others.... what I haven't found yet is an idea of how to get the fuel table setup with VE based numbers.   Im not looking to be spoon fed a full basemap unless that exists but is there any general idea for idle/low load regions to get started with VE numbers?



1jz vvti

Link G4+ thunder

internally stock 1jz

3bar bosch temp/map

aftermarket intake manifold with 80mm vdo DBW

Stock injectors (limiting changes as much as I can to get running, not ideal)

EFR7163 turbo upgrade on low boost because of injectors.


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Mine idles with VE numbers somewhere around 25 at 45kpa. 

Modelled fuel really needs your injector data to be really good to work well though, so if you're considering changing injectors in the near tearm I'd probably just stick with an MS based fuel map for starters.
Then switch over when you get your new injectors in (with good deadtime and flow rate data)

Building a fuel table is by far the quickest and easiest part of setting up a map, if your injector data etc is good.  If someone deleted mine I'd have it back to within 95% of what it was within a very short time.

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