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Which E Throttle and pedal ?

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For the TB, you can pretty much use anything but it will be easier for you if you can get one of the models that we have tuning information for to fit.

There is at least a partial list in the help file below, but that may be missing some, for instance we have plugin ecu's for WRX V10 and audi TT but they seem to be missing from that list.  If you want to use something else and are not familiar with PID tuning then you could send it to us for testing (this would be free).

For the pedal, again you can use almost anything that will fit in the space.  @Brad Burnett has often suggested on here a Suburu one that is a nice universal design (he may pop in to give more info later).  The last install I done I found a VW at a "u-pull-it" type place that was nice and easy (forget what the model was).


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Also tjere are cars that have a cable on the pedal that actuates a remote pedalsensor. Like some mitsubishis.

Also there are cars where the throttlebody itself are hooked up to a cable that is remotly actuated by a motor. Some bmw m3s. Ive heard late s2000 got this. And look at jenvey eta2.

This doesnt need to be hard to do if you are aware of the posibilities out there

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As @Adamw mentioned, I have used the Subaru STi pedal a handful of times in custom applications.  Primary reason is cost and availability.  You can typically find them for about $25-75 USD on ebay.  I prefer to use the older unit with the larger connector as the connector body is easier to get from the likes of www.bmotorsports.com.

Also as @AbbeyMS has said, the 350z unit is another option.  They are very similar to the Subaru unit.  I believe even use the same connector.

Pretty much any electronic pedal will work as there is not much fancy going on there other than 2 position sensors.  The actual throttle body is where the more difficult control comes from as they will all have different PID values from make to make.  

For the pedal I would go with whatever you can get your hands on.  For the throttle, I would pick something off the list that Adamw suggested.  If you are looking for larger I would look into a GM LS2/3 throttle as they are just about 100mm.


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Have a look at your firewall - is it straight up and down, on an angle one way or another? Maybe get some pics then just go down to a friendly wrecker and have a look through whatever ethrottle pedals they have in stock. make sure they are willing to sell you the last 6 inches of the wiring harness to connect the thing too. I think I paid $40 for one. Its preferable that its from a common model of car or one on the link helpfile list too so you can get pinout diagrams for it, but you can figure these out if you have to anyway with a multimeter.

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On 10/20/2017 at 8:11 AM, Adamw said:

for instance we have plugin ecu's for WRX V10 and audi TT but they seem to be missing from that list

Sorry for bringing back some old topic, but that's actually what I am after, the ideal PID settings for 06+ STi e-throttle. It seems the values in the sample map is exactly the default number recommended in the help file but as I look through the properly detailed examples, they are (relatively) all over the place.

The actual reason why I am looking for this information is because while idling, and the throttle target changing only 0.1%, the actual control overshoots significantly (0.5%+) which results in undesired fluctuation in idle.

Any input is appreciated.


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