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Daughter Board Swap?

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Hi guys, 

I have acquired a couple of old Link ECU's in my travels and I'm hoping to use one of them to run a Mazda FE-DOHC engine (+ Turbo) fitted to a 1988 Mazda FC RX7 non road legal, Skid pig. The first ECU is a LinkPlus LPV14 150404 which has a Nissan RB Daughter board fitted, this is the ECU I would like to use. The second ECU is a Link LEM D42V5d 03035 Opto/Hall, this ECU can be a parts donor, it was previously fitted to an MX5 which I believe used the same CAS/Trigger pattern as the FE-DOHC engine. My first question is can I swap the the Daughter boards over between the two ECU's? I would like to do this to achieve sequential injection. My second question is can i use the additional injector outputs to run a second set of injectors - preferably staged?

Hopefully I've attached a sample engine pic and a pic of each ECU in question.

Thank you, 






Link 1.jpg

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The Opto hall board into the link plus would get you going.

Sequential on the Plus crosses over to group at 15% duty cycle so its not really worth worrying about.

Staged injection I don't think is an option on the LinkPlus.

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None of the common G1's could do staged injection.  There are possibly a couple of special firmwares such as rotaries that could do staged but that is not going to help you.

On the V5, I think alternative map sensor options were only available at the time of order and were custom written into the firmware at the time.  Not end user selectable in software.

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