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G4 atom 2 wire-in (ca18det)

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Hi please bare with me if this has already been covered! New member here.

So i am wiring a link g4 atom 2 into my s13 with ca18det engine and just have a couple of queries.

Can someone confirm i have got this correct please? 

Do i need to run the ecu power via a relay from switched live? (Ign switch)

Do i also need a relay on the 12v supply to my coilpacks?


Any help is much appreciated.

ATOM 2.jpg

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43 minutes ago, ClintBHP said:

The Answers are Yes and Yes, but please reference the drawing in PCLink - Wiring Information - Power and Ground Wiring


Thank you clint, so my dtawing is correct and trig 1 & 2 are for crank angle sensor?



Also just seen the thread re connecting in an innovate wideband so will do that also! 


Excuse the noobness but where / how do i get pclink? 

I am currently on my android can it be viewed on android?

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