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Effect of throttle stop on TPS calibration

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Hi guys, 


I had my car tuned late last year and it is going great. 

When the tune was done the idle was a little low around 500 RPM.

We left if as we did not have the tools to wind up the mechanical idle stop. (I am not running any kind of idle control valve).

I can achieve a good idle at about 2% throttle. 


If I wind up the mechanical stop to the point where it is idling nicely (2% throttle) and re-calibrate the throttle will it put the tune out as now the old 2% throttle has become 0%. 

I understand the 100% position will remain unchanged.


As it is running ITB's and the load axis is the TPS, will this cause me some issues in the low percent throttle areas or are the differences so small that it does not matter? 




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I agree, even though it is unlikely going to change the tune noticeably if you did re-zero the TPS, you are best just to leave it alone so that it reads 2% or whatever at idle, this will keep the fuel map most relevant.

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