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Hi new member... First question.. Fault codes...

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Hi just recieved my new link g4+350z ecu.. Gone threw setup.. Unlocked.. And flagging fault codes already...

Gonna see a lot of questions from me i guess as i learn the ecu and software..


Fault codes flagging..

codes 10, 101, 29..

says volt 1 and 12 above expected voltage and volt 7 below..

Cars battery is on charge on a diagnostics charge/starter system...

volt 1 is cruise control??

volt 12 is not listed as a pin on ecu out??

Volt 7 is aircon which isnt connected as yet so can guess thats why its flagged..


What should i check for volt 12?? Where should i look for help??


Cheers Mike..

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2 hours ago, Smifee said:

ok cool cheers...

Where does it saythat in notes?? The bookthat comes with the ecu?? Mine only listed upto volt 11...

Its not in the Link notes, most people do away with the evap system, I found it in my own 350z notes.

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what model 350Z  @Smifee do you have the Link ECU fitted to?

There a few differences between  different 350Z models cars that you need to be aware off.

We have tuned a few VQ's with the Link fitted so can help.

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