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david henningsson

ECU fault or wiring?

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Hello. My friend has a v88

and when we measure 12v and ground it is ok on A.  But on B we get 12v on the ground. Note. We have only connected A and B 12v + and grounded A. B is not grounded to car. And there we get 12v+ on the ground. ? 

Also has 12v out from inputs when harness is connected. 

The harness is correct now. But before it was connected vr sensor signal with 5 volt out to sensor and ground from sensor was connected to ground into v88. 

Did this brake the v88. 

When harness is connected to car it  anv2-3 change to Anv at 5 volt. 


And measueres 12v anv2 on signal cable from v88. ? What is up with this. 

It is a home made pnp with original Bmw harness. M43. 


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It sounds like there is something fried to me but @Simon knows the internal's better than me.  He is on holiday for a couple of days but I will ask him to give his opinion on this one when he is back on Wednesday.

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First check with the ECU unplugged would be to check the resistance between the grounds on the B plug and the A plug. 

All grounds are on a common ground plain so there should be 0 ohms between them all.

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