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60-2 crank and 36-1 cas

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No it sounds like you are mixed up, typically you would have multiple teeth on the crank (with some missing if you like) and a single tooth on the cam.

You could do say 60-2 on crank and 1 on the cam.  Or 36-1 on crank + 1 on cam.  Or 12 on crank, 1 on cam.   For the crank, some good rules of thumb are the number of teeth should divide evenly into 360, and the number of cylinders should divide evenly into the number of teeth.


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You have two options:

  1. You can modify the cam sensor so it has just one tooth/slot - then it will work with the 60-2 crank.
  2. You can forget about the 60-2 and just use the 36-2 on the cam - this will give you all you need for full sequential but means your main engine position signal has some error due to the cam drive system backlash.

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