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Grant Baker

STOP command via CAN

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Using a PDM (MoTeC) over CAN to a Fury, the Keypad has the engine "Stop" button on it.

I've enabled a "receive" Stop Signal can message, but it's not "stopping" the engine when pressed. It is being received correctly, so what is set incorrectly?


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Although there is a problem with your CAN set up also, I just tested this on the bench and there does seem to be a problem with the "Stop" parameter being received over CAN.  It doesnt work for me either.  Swap it to "CAN Anti-theft request" and it will work as intended.  Under the Chassis & Body menu you will set the anti-theft as below.

Now the problem with you CAN setup in the screenshot is you have the parameter in Byte 0 but you also have the frame ID set for byte 0 - that is why your Byte 0 is showing up red, it should be grey if it is happy.  Set the ID position to "none" should fix that.


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Thank you. Will try that  

CAN is working. I just screenshotted that quickly on a different pcl to show the parameters. On the actual map the ID is correct and grey as you say.

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