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Grant Baker

Sequential on 36-1

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The fuel and ignition does not have any checks in it for types of triggers selected - very common.

Also very common for the ECU to default into batched/banked mode in the event of Can sync failure, it’s a good strategy as it allows the e give to run on the first turn instead of waiting for 2 revolutions before starting.

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Actually in multi-tooth/missing mode it will run in full sequential without a cam sensor, it just will not start up without the sync signal present.

It doesnt default to batch fire/wasted spark if cam sync is lost - it only needs the cam signal for startup, once its running (provided the crank signal remains good) the ECU can keep count of phase/position after that. 

At present our generic multitooth/missing mode doesnt do the wasted spark start-up strategy - so it does potentially need to see two full revolutions before it starts firing anything.  Most of our OEM trigger modes will sync in less than one revolution BTW.

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