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G4+ Plugin v5/6 & AVCS

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Hi there,

Im looking to purchase and install a V5/6 G4+ Plug in ecu into my 99 version 5 Impreza. I would just like to query that this ecu is capable of running inlet only AVCS and that it is possible to be wired in with some wiring changes? I ask this as I hope to transplant a version 7 STI  AVCS engine into my car at some point in the not too distant future..


Thanks in advance,

Cheers Marc

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Yes it can be done with a bit of wire shuffling.  The 2 extra cam sensors need to be wired to DI 1 & 2, these inputs were originally used for the start signal and the power steer signal.  These can be moved to DI 7&8 on the expansion connector instead to free up DI1&2.  You dont really even need the start signal.

The AVCS solenoids need to be wired to Aux 1 & 2 which were originally used for fuel pump and wastegate valve.  Similarly these wires can be moved to Ign 7&8 on the same expansion connector to free those pins up.  Aux 3 may also be another option if air conditioning is not needed.

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