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Low Oil Pressure protection strategy question

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I want to protect the engine in a low Oil Pressure situation.

The signal from the oil pressure sensor (hall) is AN Volt 1

Could you please elaborate how I would configure a 100% ignition cut if the AN Volt 1 value is less than a certain threshold (ie. 0.7 volt) ?
At the same time triggering a bright warning LED / light would also be needed.


Thank you for your support









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The warning light is simple enough - configure an aux output as GP on/off, label it "Oil pressure warning" or similar, and set the condition to "oil pressure < 30kpa" or whatever you decide is a good level. This output will be connected to the ground side of your warning light in most cases. 

the ignition cut you can do a couple ways but you'll probably end up setting a GP RPM limit (under engine protection). turn on GP limit 1, then in the GP limit 1 table, change the Y axis to "oil pressure". You now set the rpm limit to 10000 or something higher than you ever hit in all cells where you want the engine to run normally, and either zero or your idle rpm in all the "failure" cells (ie the low pressure+high RPM cells). you can also do some logging of normal oil pressure and tweak the table using this so that the threshold for "failure" is just below normal at every RPM. If you set the limit to 0 you will stall the engine. There is a startup lockout timer in the GP limit settings that you may need to set so you can actually get the engine to start and have the oil pressure stabilise before it starts limiting it.

If you have e-throttle you have another option of setting a second ethrottle target table where the target value never goes above 5 or 10% (or 0 if you want to stall it). You then set the condition for switching to table 2 to be the status of your warning light. This way you can also add in low fuel pressure or any other protection conditions you want to cover by adding them as conditions for the warning light (which could also be a virtual aux if you want the warning light to use different conditions than the thottle table swap.

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Sorry CJ posted just before me but I will leave it here anyhow.


Here is an oil pressure example from the help file:



For a warning lamp to be activated whenever this Oil press limit is active you would use a GP Aux with set up like below:


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