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Subaru ECU compatibility issues

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To keep things short, I have a 2002 WRX that just got a USDM 2006 STI engine with AVCS installed. My tuner informed me that my ECU is not compatible and I don’t want to go with the 04 STI ECU because I would have to change my DBC to DBW and many other wires. I’ve been researching standalone PNP models like the Megasquirt 3 Pro but my tuner is unsure if that ECU will work with the AVCS. Does anyone know if it can or will work with the engine? Or maybe there are other standalone ECU’s I could go with that would work with my car/engine set up? I really don’t want to have to swap the heads. Thanks

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Did the original engine not have AVCS?  I thought all GD/GG wrx's did from about 2000? (sorry I dont know the Subarus well).  What ecu do you have presently - the OEM one?


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