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V88 to Holley Digital Dash

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Hi All

Has any one connected a Holley Digital dash to V88?

The  dash supports CAN, but they say to only their own EFI, can this be?

The dash can support I/O inputs, can the V88 provide?

They say the following in their manual

Custom 5v can be configured for any sensor that outputs a 0-5v signal

Name = The name displayed in your gauge channel selection
Type = Type of sensor (RPM, MAT, CTS, Custom 5v, Custom Ohms, SW to 12v, SW to GND)


I have attached their manual








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It is not going to talk to the dash directly, Holley will not give out any info on the messages the dash needs.  So as you have guessed, they only you could get data into the dash would be with the expander device that you link to.  Note however it will be completely standalone from the ECU and it will be very limited in the data you can receive, basically only RPM, one temp, two pressures & fuel level.

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