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Islam fouad

Map sensor wrong readings

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I have link monsoon with 4 bar map internal sensor , i have a problem with its readings , it reads on idle 4.4 psi and when i start to move it increases to 17 psi , btw my boost solonoid adjusted to max 12 psi,

1- I’m connecting a seprated vacum line direct from the intake manifold to the ecu

2-  calibrated on zero rpm

3- connecting on analogue volt 5 

thanks in advance :)

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Looks ok to me. idle is about 30kpa, and under throttle it jumps up to about 180kpa (ie 80kpa/11.6psi of boost).

It looks like you're struggling to hold boost at this level though as it tapers off over a few seconds, but your MAP and MGP numbers look accurate.

I'd guess that what you are seeing is that the metric>imperial conversion for MAP is working correctly, but its not "normal" to see psi in absolute terms. 30kpa is roughly 4psi, but normally you'd expect to see this as -10.5psi MGP or -22inches of mercury. Remember that 0 psi on a boost gauge (MGP) is 14.7psi absolute pressure (MAP)

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25 minutes ago, Islam fouad said:

Ok , how can i solve this issue :)

There is no issue, your MAP appears to be reading perfectly correct.

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