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Hey Guys,

Im kinda new to engine swapping and wiring so I want to do this right. I Bought a r32 skyline gtst with a 68mm turbo about 4 months ago, 2 months in the motor knocked. So i opted out and got a rb25 neo. Im trying to figure out this ecu as in what plugs in to these accessories. for example, there is a vacuum hose coming out of the ecu itself out of a little module, the question i have is, is that a boost gauge or boost controller or what? i downloaded the manuel and didn't find anything about it there. Sorry if it s a stupid question and thanks in advance!!


Instagram: @thatblueskyline 






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Nice car!  The hose is for the on-board 4-bar MAP sensor.  Just run a vacuum/boost reference from the intake manifold direct to the ecu and you don't need to add a map sensor to the engine.  The cable you're holding up is the tuning cable lead.  The CUSB cable attaches to that (should have been included with the ecu) so you can connect to your laptop.


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