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Trig1 error when VVT control on

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On 7/10/2018 at 1:22 PM, Adamw said:

Yes, that seems to be your problem but the VVT trigger modes are generally designed to allow large movement between the cam and crank patterns, usually more than 100 degrees.  I suspect your cam/crank phasing may be much different to the Mazda 3 that this triggermode was designed for.  I havent had much time to spend looking at your trigger scope closely so I will do some work on that tonight.


Just FYI, triggering and VVT control are two completely seperate functions.  VVT set up has no influence on the trigger.  The VVT offset is just to "zero" the cam position.

As mentioned above, VVT offset does not seem to be related to the cause of the error.

When use offset 720deg, displayed cam position zero that VVT controled off.

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720deg ATDC is basically 0deg ATDC in the 4 stroke cycle, it doesn't seem right.

Edit: I have had a look through a few other ecu configurations and noticed a couple of them use rising edge for trig 1 and trig 2 as opposed to a falling edge. I would have expected the intake cam centerline to be somewhere around 400-500deg, rather than 720deg.

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