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LInk G4+ and MXL strada

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Hey everyone

I'm running a MXL strada with a link G4, i'm having issues getting it to read my link fuel pressure and oil pressure sensors,

It reads the MGP, ECT and AIT fine. I'm wanting Lambda,FP,OP to be display on the gauge aswell.

Any help would be great!

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I havent played with an old MXL for a long time so might be missing something obvious but I dont see a whole lot wrong.  

For the oil & fuel press, I think the "high value" setting might have an influence, try setting this much higher - like 5000.  Set the measure unit to KPa also while you troubleshoot.

Speed looks to be set up how I would expect it but you could also try the other 3 ECU speed channels to see if any of them have data.  You may also have to disable the internal "SPD_1" channel.




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