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Link Knock Light, worth to buy?

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Hello, I have Vipec V44 ECU. There is no Knock Control. And Link G4 Knock Block is no more available which was adapter to monitor knock.. I've tuned the car on the dyno, it has no knock. Everything is fine. But when the car is on the track, I don't know if it's knocking or not. Yes, I've made iat, ect corrections, but still.. It it's very theoretical.

My question is:

Is it worth to buy Link Knock Light and put it into the car?

That way I could see on the GoPro if it was trying to knock, or even driver will see the knock and will release the throttle to ensure no engine damage...

I would like to know Your opinion is it worth to spend an extra bit of money or go all in with new ecu..


Best regards,


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