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Laptop recommendation

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Hi all,

Unsure which section of the forum I should aim this at but I felt tuning might be the best, I currently have a 10.1" Windows 10 tablet which I use for logging on my Power FC ECU I currently have which lets me swap out maps and make changes easier than using the PFC hand commander.

I have a Link Xtreme going in and was thinking that it might be better if I upgraded to a laptop - mainly due to the fact that the tablet is touch screen so not 100% perfect for more precise adjustments and also using an onscreen keyboard etc.

I was just wondering what everyone was using for a laptop used for tuning - I initially went for a tablet as the battery life is usually better than some laptops etc, just wondering if I should go for a laptop with a better battery life or aim for one with more RAM or maybe a better processor - I am unsure what is usually maxxed out when tuning/logging.

Thanks in advance!

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2 hours ago, Confused said:

If your tablet works, then just grab a USB or Bluetooth keyboard for it :)

I personally use my Dell XPS13 laptop, it's small, light, and has great battery life and good screen. 

Thanks for that, yeah I could look at getting a Bluetooth keyboard for it - it only has 1 USB port which I will need for mapping! I will see how well it runs on the tablet I have, its not the most powerful but seems to do the job at the moment.

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