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RB25 Crank trigger G4 P&P

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Hi there,

I am looking to do a custom crank trigger wheel setup on my Rb25det engine using G4 plug in ecu. After having a look in the software it looks like i can run a 200mm 60-2 crack trigger wheel (NZEFI seems to sell them) and use a reluctor sensor. Would you agree that this would be the ideal trigger wheel to use? also would you suggest I keep a cam angle sensor aswell? (I was possibly thinking aem 24-1 CAS disc and just use the 1 slot (inner slot and 24 outer slots). Or possibly the single tooth franklin engineering cas if budget allows.

Any additional thoughts / or conformation would be great. 


Thank you,


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I know you specifically said "crank trigger" but thought I would mention also the NZ Wiring Cam trigger kit is very good if you havent come across it before.  Obviously, a proper crank trigger is the ultimate but the NZW kit fixes a lot of the problems of the original RB CAS and the difference in timing stability is night and day.  The beauty is it bolts straight on, plugs into the existing wiring, job done in 10minutes...


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