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[UPDATE] PCLink (on hold)

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On 5/25/2019 at 1:33 AM, Adamw said:

Hi John,

I don't personally agree with this strategy but it was added on request of one of our engineers.  The scenario it was designed for was something like the common American V8, 4 barrel throttle body injection kits.  These look just like a 4 barrel carburetor but have 4 injectors inside feeding 8 different length port runners.  The manifold designs that they use are often terrible for fuel/air distribution and charge robbing etc. The idea with this strategy was to fire all injectors together every TDC to try to get better distribution.  The bit I don't agree with is this means you are firing the injectors 8 times every 720 deg, that means the pulse width is 1/8 of normal and there are 8 x deadtimes every cycle.  I can really only see it working on a low power engine with small injectors and you will need very accurate injector deadtimes.  This effect wouldn't be so bad on a 2 cylinder however.

I haven't got into this config yet but I'm running 8 ITB's not a common 4 barrel kit.  am I going to run into this batch injector firing issue as well?


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