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Traction Control settings

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Currently traction control can only be deactivated below 25 kmh. I'm using launch control for 1st gear and I only want the traction control in 2nd gear and higher. This 25 kmh limit is too low for the drag racing I do, where I'll get well over 100% slip up to 50kmh or higher with the drag tires. Can this limit be increased to say 100 kmh so I can stop traction control kicking in, in 1st gear.

The current max slip percentage is 50% which is too low for drag racing. Can this limit be increased to say 500% to allow it to be used in 1st gear if required. If the request above is actioned, there is less need for this request.

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Yep, both good thoughts although I havent heard of it being used in a drag racing situation before, Im not sure if controlling slip to 500% is going to work.  I can see value in having the speed lockout configurable for higher speeds.

As a workaround if you have a spare aux output and spare DI, I think we could connect the two together and use the aux output to disable/enable the traction DI under whatever conditions you like.  

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