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IAT Sensor Choice for turbo charged vehicles

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I am tuning Subaru STI 2011 with G4+ Fury.
EJ207 Turbocharged engine.

I am planning to add a intake air temperature sensor to my car.
In the PCLink help, it says that Bosch 0 280 130 085 is recommended for turbocharged vehicles.
I can see that Air Temperature Sensor (IATB) looks similar to this sensor.

I already have a 1/8" NPT mounting boss in my car so Air Temp Sensor (IAT1-8)  could be easier to install.

I found that Bosch 0 280 130 085 's thermal time constant is around 5sec.
But I couldn't find the thermal time constant value for IAT1-8.

Is IAT1-8 is fine for turbocharged vehicles?
Or should I use the IATB?


Best regards.

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