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Ecumaster display

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Yes, I helped someone set one up a few weeks ago.  It has a template for the Link Generic Dash Stream built in, but the CAN is also fully configurable.  I added ethanol % without much drama.  It can only be programmed over CAN so you need to buy their USB to CAN device also.

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3 hours ago, powerboy said:

Thank Adamw.

Please help me to compare Aim 5" display (with gps and acc sensor) with Ecumaster display 5" in terms of pros and cons.

Are you just using as a display or are you wanting logging as well?  Is it going into a saloon car or some other application? 

I have never seen the ECU master one in real life - only helped set one up remotely, so cant comment much about its visual performance.  I do know some of the AIM range quite well though and can comment on some of the functional differences.

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