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Morning / afternoon folks, quick question from the UK.


Firstly I know BHP are on here, so thank you for the engine plugs and Link CANF plug!


On to a more pressing issue, I wired a friend's 1JZ a short while ago, no drama, like the Link kit, smart stuff, happy days. I am now wiring another for another mate of mine and unfortunately I'm having some confusion with the TPS.


I wired it as I had previously, and it was reading backwards, no trouble, phoned the chap's chosen and very knowledgeable tuner, and he suggested - as makes sense - swapping the pins at the TPS plug around where the signal and 5v wires terminate. It reads the correct way now, but full throttle reading was 1000%. So did the quick TPS Setting dealy on the laptop and it zero'd nicely at closed throttle, couple of percent showing, but when it goes to WOT (by hand on the cable linkage, car not run yet) it goes to 100% briefly then goes to 1000% again until released.


I'm hoping I'm missing something simple, or have simply wired it incorrectly, but as far as I'm aware the green sensor ground, red/blue 5v output and yellow/black signal wires are in their correct places at the TPS plug and are 100% correct at the ECU end.


Any ideas greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

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Note, you didn’t need to swap the wires, they can work either way around.  For your current problem it sounds like the error settings are possibly set up wrong. Check error low is 0.05v, high is 4.95, and the error value of 10% will do.

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