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R34 GTR Starting Issues with G4+

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Hi all, just after a little advice.

I've just had a new install of a g4+ in a R34 GTR which has an issue with starting, everything was fine beforehand.

When starting, the engine turns over strongly and fuelling is fine, it just does not start, as if there is no spark. If you then put a booster on the battery it will start and will then also start straight away after its been running.

The battery is new and uprated. I was told this was a common issue with the GTR and link ecu's, that when the battery drops a little, it does not start ??

Im no expert but find this hard to believe and wonder if the ecu has been set up correctly or if there is anything I can do?

Any help will be much appreciated!

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Check voltage on pin 45 (signal from ign switch) and pin 49 or 59 (main supply from ECCS relay) during cranking.  It is common to find one of these is well below batt voltage so the ECU drops out during cranking.  The ignition switch circuit is stupid in these cars as the fuel pump relay and a few other high current devices all connect directly to it so it only needs a slightly dirty contact somewhere and you will get a large volt drop in that circuit.

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