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Trouble Setting Up Knock Control

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I have a BMW M50 plug-in ECU that sim currently having trouble setting up knock control on. I'm using the ECUs built in knock hardware and stock BMW sensors that are brand new.

Im pretty certain all of my settings are correct.

I am getting feedback from the knock sensors, its not very accurate though. It will jump around so sparatically, that I cant input any accurate values into the Knock Target Table. I will include a log of me trying to do so.

At lower RPMs, knock level seems to be more stable, but at higher RPMs, the knock level will vary almost 200-300!

I have tried playing around with different settings with no luck. My solution to this problem was to turn off knock control and lower the ignition timing a little bit.

Id love to get this setup. (I actually bought a Link ECU because my previous stand alone ECU didn't have knock capabilities which is terrifying in my opinion and now im at square one!)

(I don't have a very good log of higher RPMs, I will try and get one soon!)

Any help is appreciated!



low timing.llg

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Neither of your logs look too bad to me but there is only one very short blip of decent load and RPM so its hard to tell without more data.  The big spike when you lift off is pretty common and is usually driveline bashlash that causes that. You can get the ecu to ignore that via the TP delta and TP lockout.  I would normally set the knock thresehold somewhere around where I have drawn the pink line below.


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