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G4 Xtreme Red - ECU Logging

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G4 Xtreme Red,  ECU Logging loggs Data only for a few seconds, creates sometimes a few Logs in one 3min Lap.
I need at least one complete Log in one 3min Lap.
RPM will not fall under 4000 rpm.
Runtime Values / ECU Logging Capacity reads 9%.

ECU Logging
Logging Mode: ON
Logging Rate : 20Hz.
Activation Mode : Aux O/P #5.

Function Mode: GP Output
Sw Off Timer : 1.0s
Sw Logic: Cond 1 Only
Sw Cond: RPM>
Engine Speed : 2500

Settings Ok, what can i do?


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I was hoping Simon would have given some more ideas today since I dont have a lot of personal experience with the G4.  Unfortunately he is away for a couple of days now.  I dont ever remember much drama with the few I have used although I probably wasnt using activation conditions either.

Does it work reliably if you set it to "always on".  Have you tried using a virtual aux with the same condition rather than a real aux?

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You could try making the GP output conditional on its self. So that it latches on until the power to the ECU is dropped. Using a virtual for this would also be an idea.

From memory the issues we had were when the car was stalled rather than having the power turned off.



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