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What Lambda controller to use?

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I’m setting up my NS13+ in my S14 and wondering what type of wideband Lambda controller to run. I want a gauge.

Can I run a gauge from either the Link CAN Lambda controller or one of the outputs from the ECU?

or is it best to run something like a Innovate or AEM gauge with a analog input into the Link?

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Ballenger AFR500v2 with NTK sensor. Little bit more expensive then the Innovate and AEM  but you have a choice of several sensors and you can have it configured to read Lambda or AFR.

I had an innovate with 4.2 sensor for 6yrs and no issues other than replacing a sensor and a guy had his Haltech gear on my car and said my Innovate was reading rich which I couldn't afford so eventually changed to the Ballenger.


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I agree with most others here, stay away from Innovate, some get lucky but the majority dont.  2 main issues with them; no analog ground so you will usually have to mess around with calibration to fudge the offset, often short sensor life or sensitivity to EGT due them controlling the sensor pump and heater completely different than it was designed to be.

AEM X-Series is a good option if you want a built-in gauge.


10 hours ago, Richard Hill said:

You can't run a gauge from the CAN Lambda.

You can use a CAN bus gauge although these do add a significant cost.  But they can do other cool stuff such as display multiple parameters, alarms, etc.




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