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Link V4 on 3tgte

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Hi I’ve got an old link d42v4 currently running on a Toyota 3tgte through the factory dizzy. My tuner gives me shit about it being a such a basic ecu but it does all I need and it has been on there over 15yrs now with no issues. I’m wanting to change to a crank trigger while still running everything else as is. Am I right in thinking I need to use a 2 tooth trigger wheel (4 pulses for complete engine cycle) with reluctor sensor and no sync signal? Also when setting up the trigger wheel do I show the sensor the leading edge of the tooth or middle of tooth at tdc or 10btdc? 

Cheers for any advice 

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2 teeth in crank would match a 4 tooth on cam.  So assuming your dizzy has 4 teeth currently then 2 on crank is correct.

You will want the tooth crossing the sensor at between 0-10 degrees BTC this will set your base timing (timing motor will crank at) 

If you can design in some adjustment would be ideal.


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