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350z dual wideband

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Hi there!


Is there a way to feed 2 wideband signals into the 350ZLINK? Currently i use the expansion loom for 1 5 volt input (AN volt 8). But i see on the wideband controller(Innovate DLG-1) that the banks differ a lot. I see the software on the ecu supports it but i see no other 5 volt input. You guy's have any idea?


Kind regards,



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You can repurpose a couple of inputs on the main header.  Here's a few that probably arent being used:

  • AN Volt 3, Pin 51, was originally for the MAF
  • AN Volt 10, Pin 35, was originally for the RF narrowband oxy.
  • AN Volt 11, Pin 16, was originally for the LF narrowband oxy.

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