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timed launch control setup advice

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I would like to test  a launch control base on timer.

I need help how to setup the timer.

one switch is  wired to digital 2 for the launch, and a button on stearing wheel, when  realese the button i want launch control to stay avtive for 1.5 sec ,then go normal rev limit.


cant it be done?


thank you



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Set up below will do what you describe.  In this example I have assumed the switch/button grounds the DI when "on".  Launch control will remain active until the timer reaches 2 seconds (sorry I skimmed over your comment about 1.5 sec but you can set how you like).

Note however this is just going to give you an on/off type scenario, it may not be the best option.  I will mention another option just in case you didnt consider it:

A better option may be to set the launch mode to 3D, then put the timer on one axis of the table.  Then when you let the button go and the timer starts counting you can slowly increase the RPM limit as the timer counts up.


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Thank for reply.

Ok, i would like to test the 3d launch mode you have in mind.

Can you please show me an example of the settings?


I have fwd car build for dragracing,it make 815whp. I have problems a launch,it spinning the tire or it bogging..have try diffrent option, ex(turn boost down at 1st gear) or and haven't find a best setup yet.

I have wheels speed sensor fitted in rear wheel,and vss wired on digital3 input.


Thank you.




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