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AEM wideband wiring

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Hi linkecu people 

I'm trying to understand where I need to wire in my white wire coming off the aem wideband but I'm very lost to say the less I understand the lambda setting the Ana aux 1-4 I set aux 1 at 0.00v and and aux 2 at 9.99v I just can someone tell me what pin number I need to wire the white wire on my AEM wideband to my mosoon ecu with panic harness 

Plllzzzz and thxxx 

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4 hours ago, Bobbylolz said:

The part number is 35-8460

That is the part number for the gauge cup, it doesnt tell me much about the device you have.  

The common AEM wideband controllers are 30-4110, 30-4100, 30-5130, 30-0300.  Look these up online and tell me which one yours looks like.

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